Frequently Asked Questions

Keep a dry microfibre cloth in one of your compartments. It’s a great way to quickly remove dust or wipe up spills.

Vacuum the easy to see areas. 

Wash your windows and mirrors. Use horizontal motions on your exterior and vertical motions on your interior. That way when you miss a spot you’ll know where it is.

Quickly spray your car. Don’t go crazy, we want to avoid wasting water. A garden hose and attachment will work. Once you feel all large particles have been removed move on. You do not need soap. Spend a little more time on the lower sections of your vehicle and your wheels/wheel wells as there will be more build up there. The goal is to mitigate the amount of buildup in hard to reach areas.

Dry your car. Take 2-3 microfibre cloths and fold each one into quarters. With each cloth gently wipe your car, flipping your microfibre cloth after each pass. Each cloth provides you with 8 100% clean wipes. Do this to prevent contaminants getting stuck in the cloth and scratching your paint.

You’re done.

We use an eco friendly w


Should you? Probably at some point. Especially if you are planning on keeping your cars forever or reselling them. Auto Detailing is the practice of protecting and  extending the life of your cars interior and exterior.

As your car ages so does your paint and the clear coat applied on top of it. The purpose of a clear coat is to protect and enhance the pigment of your paint and protect it from UV rays. Over time, these rays will cause damage to the pigments of your paint and could cause your car to look quite undesirable. We’ve all seen that car driving down the road, let’s try to prevent that ever happening to our cars. 

Yes. Pressure washing is available for large equipment and vehicles. We take care of the exterior and interior of your equipment. 

Don’t rush. Be gentle with your paint and always use a new side of your microfibre towel every time you touch your car. Lots of contaminants get stuck in the fine threads of your towels and will risk scratching your paint. 

Use two buckets when washing your exterior. One with waste water and one that you dunk your fresh towels in. Use fresh sides of your towel each time you touch your paint to avoid scratches.

When working with your glass, clean the interior using only horizontal motions and the exterior with only vertical motions (or vice versa). That way you’ll always know the areas you missed. 

A wash is performed on a regular basis to maintain the cleanliness of your interior and quickly remove any contaminants on the exterior of your car. Typically a wash is performed on biweekly or monthly basis. These can be spaced out as far apart as you choose.

A detail is the act bringing your vehicle back to as close to showroom quality as possible. Much time and care is taken on every inch of your vehicle to clean and restore. Once you’ve detailied your vehicle it does not have to be done nearly as often. To keep a car in close to showroom quality for its entire life we suggest detailing your car twice a year.

A Clay Bar is an engineered compound used to remove contaminants from the surface of your car’s paint, glass, fiberglass and metal. The clay is rubbed along the surface of your car and in the process it grabs anything that protrudes from the surface. The particles stick to the clay bar, removing them from your paint. If claying your own car ensure the surface is lubricated with clay lubricant before starting as you will scratch your paint without it. 

As the lens of your headlights becomes hazy the amount of light that makes it through the lens is reduces significantly, causing your visibility in darker hours to be reduced. Restoring your headlights will greatly increase your visibility at night and in the early mornings.

We will pressure wash just about anything that needs to be cleaned. 

Yes. We’re always looking to work with others. Send your resume to and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

let us Bring your car back to life


Kuruma Detailing values consistency and precision. Customer service drives these values through and through. We’re constantly evolving and learning new ways to serve Calgary’s cars better.  


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